The Effects of E-cigarettes on the Oncotarget Journal

Although previous studies concluded that the chemicals found in e-cigarette were responsible for damaging gums and teeth, this recent study suggests that the burnt vapors cause the release of inflammatory proteins which in return cause damage that may lead to oral diseases. Also, the scientists argued that the vapors are dangerous to the lungs and the environment. By use of a 3D human who doesn’t smoke, the scientists demonstrated how the e-cigarette vapors damage the mouth cells. Some flavorings are even worse than others in regards to the extent of damage they can cause to the cells in the mouth. Download output styles at

Most e-cigarettes contain a battery, a heating device, and a cartridge for holding nicotine and the flavoring chemicals. When the battery-powered device is heated, it vaporizes the liquid to produce aerosol vapors that the user inhales. The ever-growing perception that e-cigarettes are a healthier alternative to conventional cigarette smoking has made the former even popular in the recent past. However, a University of Rochester school of Medicine study has revealed otherwise. The study that was led by Irfan Rahman, Ph.D. professor of Environmental Medicine at the URMC and published in Oncotarget was the first to show that e-cigs affect overall oral health on cellular and molecular levels.

Fawad Javed, a post-doctoral student who was part of the study, further argued that the nicotine ingredients found in the e-cigarette were a major causative agent of gum diseases. The researchers urged all e-cigarette manufacturers to reveal all the chemicals they use in manufacturing their e-cigarette juices so that consumers can make informed decisions on whether to use their products or not.

Under the leadership of Mikhail Blagosklonny, the Editor in Chief at Oncotarget and an experienced oncologist, together with other researchers from other areas beyond oncology, scientists can now freely contribute to the progress of science. Exceptional discoveries like the effects of e-cigarette are being shared quickly so as to increase the impact of research by analyzing various insightful reviews. Learn more about Oncotarget at