Sightsavers is Giving Much More Than Sight

Sightsavers is changing lives not only in India but in thirty countries. They have reached out to some of the very poorest areas of the world and are helping those who truly need it. Since 1966 when Sightsavers began working in India, they have been able to help countless people to prevent permanent blindness. Their work also includes education, and they are teaching residents there how to avoid eye infections that can lead to complete vision loss. They also perform surgeries to help restore eyesight, and they provide antibiotics to those who need it.


Sightsavers is helping people of all ages in India form ten-year-old Simpi who could not attend school because of her visual impairment to seventy-two-year-old Madhav who had cataracts. Madhav became legally blind because of his condition, and he could not afford the necessary treatment that he needed. Sightsavers got him the medical help that he needed and was able to set up a surgery appointment for him which saved his vision.


Sightsavers is doing much more than restoring the eyesight of people, but they are transforming their lives. Without eyesight, most people are very limited in what they can do, and they can be at a really great disadvantage.


Sometimes it is just not possible to restore vision, but Sightsavers does not give up. Instead, the organization will help those who are blind to be able to become self-sufficient. They do this by getting them the training that they need to live a happy and productive life that does not place a burden on loved ones. Sightsavers offers a blind school that teaches how to carry out basic and daily tasks and teaches newfound independence to its blind students.


Now, even if someone is blind, they are still able to earn an income and even support their family. Being blind is no longer a terrible burden that has no solution. If it were not for Sightsavers, many people would be in a very bad situation and would be depressed and even commit suicide since their futures seem very bleak. They are helping many through programs such as the Ganjam District Rehabilitation Project. Sightsavers instills hope in those who cannot see and gives them a newfound purpose.