Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto Leadership in InnovaCare Health

When talking about health and care, the InnovaCare Health will not be far from mention. It is one of the best healthcare companies in the North America. It has served their subscribers with modern services like giving physician services, Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Programs. From the day it was founded, it has helped the clients get the best services. The products that are given are exceptional because the modes of services are profitable and very sustainable. These factors enable all customers to be at ease when settling bills at the hospitals that they visit.

The leadership was changed on July 28th of 2016 in Puerto Rico. They added three executives to the organization’s leadership team; Rick Shinto, Penelope Kokkinides, and Jonathan Meyers. Let us take a look at two of the senior leaders.

Richard Shinto.

He is InnovaCare‘s President and CEO. Shinto was formerly in AVETA being there as the CEO. He worked at AVETA, and when he left, the company was sold including his share in it. He has been in the healthcare sector for over 20 years. He was at NAMM, California and has been editing and writing articles that concentrate on the area of health and affect the people of USA.

Shinto attended the California University Irvine and graduated with a BS. He holds a medical degree that he managed to get from the State University of New York- Stony Brook. The MBA that he has is from Redlands University.

He has received accolades and has been awarded the Access to Caring Award. The award was given to him because of his many contributions and achievements in the healthcare delivery services.

Penelope Kokkinides.

Kokkinides is the InnovaCare’s Chief Administration Officer. Penelope Kokkinides was in the company before, she came back at 2015 and used to work there as the Chief Operating Officer and VP of the Clinical Operations. Kokkinides has expertise in the development of clinical programs and the operations in management. Her dream there is to achieve a milestone in healthcare delivery and its improvement.


Before being employed in the InnovaCare Health, she has worked as Executive Vice President and the COO at Centerlite Healthcare where she led healthcare operations and also directed activities of the company. She was staff at Touchline Health and Americhoice where Penelope Kokkinides managed operations.

She attended Binghamton University, and her Masters is from the University of New York (Social Work). Her Public Health knowledge is from the University of Columbia. Read more about her interview on Ideamensch.