Penelope Kokkinides, a Driving Force Towards the Achievement of Healthcare Institutions

Penelope Kokkinides is among the most prosperous and well-known figures in the United States of America. Her educational background speaks out why she stands where she is and has hit the top of the headlines. Her drive started when she achieved an undergraduate degree from Binghamton University in Biological Science and classical languages.


Later on, she went on and graduated from New York University with a Master’s Degree in Social Work followed by a subsequent Master’s Degree in Public Health at the Colombia University. Her contributions to the achievements of a myriad of health institutions are evident from her expertise and experience.


She is now the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health. Penelope specializes in government programs and also the managed care industry. She has the expertise and very knowledgeable in growing clinical packages and handling health care operations and processes with the aim of growing productivity and structural infrastructure. She also has the task of developing and implementing healthcare models. More so, she is also a board member of Fundacion Dorada, an organization that specializes in social work and Brooklyn Tech Alumni Foundation, Inc.


Before joining the leadership at InnovaCare Health, Penelope held the position of Corporate Vice President, at AmeriChoice, for Care Management and Disease Management. AmeriChioce is a subordinate of the United Health Group Company. She has also offered advanced strategic planning around growing needed infrastructures within managed Healthcare systems and building economical business models for health institutions.


In the wake of this year, Penelope Kokkinides met with President of the US at the white house. The meeting was attended by eight professionals in the healthcare industry composing of nurses, doctors, executives including other professionals in the industry. Also in attendance were those representing the Centre for Medical and Medicaid Services (CMS).


Penelope delivered to those attending the meeting vital information related to the Di-medical Advantage Plans which Innovacare Health arranges for in Puerto Rico. Above half, a million members of the plan are served by InnovaCare through OMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. Since the year 2011, major revisions to the budget proposed by the CMS have been successful on the government funding in Puerto Rico alone translating to above $1 billion to date. Penelope gave evidence of ways in which the CMS could indeed affect Puerto Rico’s health care system by reviewing the budget inside the Medicare Advantage Plan.


As a result of this meeting and the discussions, resolutions for InnovaCare and its affiliates have become positive, taking the initiative.