Manaira Shopping Mall – Roberto Santiago’s Biggest Achievement

Mr. Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian serial entrepreneur. His career began in the writing industry. At first, he had a blog where he would publish articles on a variety of topics. He gained a reputation, and his work was enjoyed by many due to his honesty a catchy writing style. As the years progressed, however, Mr. Roberto Santiago also began involving himself in the business of investment. His skills as a businessman served him well, and his entrepreneurial career took off with great success.

Mr. Roberto Santiago was born in 1958. He attended the University Centre in Joao Pessoa which is his hometown as well. He graduated from the institution with a master’s degree in business administration. He is currently the owner of two shopping centers. One of them is the greatest achievement in his life, and he spends most of his time there.

The largest success for Roberto Santiago happened in 1989. His lifelong dream had been to establish a shopping center and a place of fun where people could gather and spend the entire day laughing. Mr. Roberto Santiago was at the age of 58 when he opened his mall – Manaira Shopping Mall. He has always had a feel for how make things fun, and that skill of his is showing. Read more on Mundo Do Marketing

The Manaira Shopping Mall is one of the largest shopping centers in Brazil, located in the city in Joao Pessoa the state of Paraiba. It encompasses shopping area, theaters and cinemas, bowling alleys and game centers, delicacy eating places and food courts, gardens and mini parks, restaurants and bars. One of the most notable features of The Manaira Shopping Mall is the open stage on top of the building – Domus Hall.

The entertainment hub of The Manaira Shopping Mall is state of the art according to its loyal visitors. There is a total of eleven movie theaters that are equipped with the latest technological advance. The movie theaters also sport an area for gourmet popcorn and other snacks. Each movie theater is completed with a bar and visitors can enjoy a cocktail while reclining in a plush armchair. There is a VIP area as well. It can be booked for private use for an event or a private hang out with friends. Read more articles on

The Domus Hall is the cherry on top for The Manaira Shopping Mall. It was established as a way to celebrate one of the birthdays of The Manaira Shopping Mall. Domus Hall is on the roof of the mall, and it was inaugurated in 2009. It can fit up to 8 000 people. On the stage of Domus Hall, there are frequent concerts and other live shows. The entire place can be booked as well for birthday parties, graduations, proms, and other party or work-related events.

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