Karl Heideck Talks About New Law For Employers In Philadelphia

Karl Heideck Talks Employer law
Karl Heideck Talks Employer law

2017 was a big year for workers and laborers in Philadelphia. The city was one of the first to pas a new law stating that employers are not allowed to ask their employees the salaries at their previous places of work. This law only applies to employers in the private sector, and not to those working in governmental or political positions in the country. However, like any other new law to be introduced in the state, numerous hurdles came along the way. People belonging to the Chamber of Commerce in Philadelphia started coming forward, explaining the drawbacks that would take place as a result of this ruling.

According to the law, using independent sources to find out the salaries of the candidates who they wish to hire, without obtaining their consent would be prohibited and punishable under the law. According to soundcloud.com, directly asking candidates to share this information and implying that they would not be considered if they did not disclose this information is also one of the things that this law wants to prohibit. And finally, making it mandatory for people applying to jobs to disclose their information is also grounds for punishment under the law.

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One of the main reasons why people have come forward in protest of this law is because the effect it would have on people from the state who are seeking job prospects outside Philadelphia. The law only applies to those within the state, but the moment one goes out of the state to seek a job, they would not be able to refuse to disclose their information. This can also lead to companies trying to find a way to get third party sources to handle their recruitments to attain this information and make things easier for their recruitment purposes.

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