Paul Herdsman Issues Lessons On Entrepreneurship


To set up a business and maintain it, you need to be dedicated, have the necessary knowledge, and you should also be hardworking. Among the business people that possess these qualities is Paul Herdsman. As an entrepreneur, Paul Herdsman is known for founding NICE Global, and he serves as a chairman in the organization.


About NICE Global

NICE Global is an organization that lends a helping hand to companies that are interested in retaining their client base. The organization offers services such as; technical support, back-office operations, customer service outsourcing, after-hours support, company sales, and outsourced email services.


Customers in the United States have brought forth many complaints about their grievances being addressed by robots over the phone. NICE Global can intervene and offer a solution to the companies that have been receiving negative feedback due to lack of live operators since their services include after-hours support.


Since NICE Global has been operating successfully over the years, Paul Herdsman has shared some of his Effective Business Tips that have led to the steady growth of his company.


Create Culture

It is advisable to make sure that your employees feel like they’re part of a work-family. By doing so, your employees will be reluctant to move on thereby contributing significantly to the company’s retention levels.


NICE Global is also a company that has the best interests at heart for the labor force. Furthermore, Paul Herdsman is an individual who believes in putting family first. Apart from that, he is married, and he has two children. On a daily basis, Paul Herdsman always sees his kids off to school and makes sure that he is present as they go to bed.


Rewarding Employees for Work Well Done

Rewarding your employees for work well done is right. At NICE Global, the employees have performance indicators that gauge their input in the company. The rewards within NICE Global are issued on the basis of whether your input within the company is steering the organization in the right direction. Visit This Page for additional information.


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Paul Mampilly’s Expedition to Help Main Street Americans Find Wealth

Paul Mampilly is a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, a company that is helping Americans obtain the autonomy of total wealth. He is a very influential person in the world of finance. As just a university graduate from Fordham University in 1991, Mampilly was appointed as an assistant portfolio manager for the bankers Trust. Since then, he has become proficient at the art of investing, skills which he used to build his career as an employee in various legal firms. In 2006, he was managing the hedge fund for Kinetics Asset Management, a firm valued at $6 billion. His skills and knowledge are what earned him a prestigious award through a competition that was held by the Templeton Foundation. The award came during the financial crisis that was felt between 2008 and 2009. This was indeed a great test of his capabilities in the industry.

Contrary to the expectations of many people, Paul Mampilly got fed up with working for large corporations. He decided to leave employment to work closely with people so as to share his skills and abilities with everyday people. This is exactly what he is doing today, through Banyan Hill Publishing. His main role is to help local people get the most out of their paychecks. In its quest to help people enjoy freedom of total wealth, Banyan Hill Publishing offers support and guidance to Americans for them to make their own financial decisions, grow their wealth with lower risks and eventually enjoy freedom form financial concerns that affect many people today. Paul Mampilly is today working with a team of experts to help Americans realize better ways to protect and grow their wealth.

The company gives anyone interested in future financial freedom to tap into the minds of its valued experts and adopt in the same strategies they have used to grow and protect their own wealth. Providing expert advice about investing in the future through Banyan Hill Publishing is what Mampilly is popular for these days. He recently wrote an article about technologies of the future, particularly Internet of Things, encouraging investors to focus on it. As the technology advances, Mampilly feels that investors should not be left behind, because the new technology has all kinds of opportunities for future investors. Besides his publications, Paul Mampilly appears on television programs. He has also developed many newsletters, which include Profits Unlimited. Through these, he has been able to deliver very useful financial tips and similar information to future investors.

National Steel Cars Recent Success Is Testament Of Gregory Aziz’s Masterful Leadership


Canadian-based rolling stock maker National Steel Car has just entered into two lucrative contracts with Canadian National Railway. The contracts spell more full-time jobs for the Canadian workforce, and a lot more money for the long-standing rail stock builder. Not bad for a company that has been around since 1912. National Steel Car is the longest running rolling stock maker in Canada, and presently the biggest one as well. Its recent surge of success can be attributed to just one man. Current CEO and Chairman of the Board Gregory James Aziz.


Gregory James Aziz is an investor, businessman, top-level executive, and philanthropist who has made quite a name for himself. Many argue that Aziz is one of the most famous people around. An alumni of Western Ontario University, Aziz began his illustrious career with his parent’s business. His parents had managed wholesale food seller Affiliated Foods for decades before Aziz stepped in. His instincts and business savvy led the wholesaler to some of its most profitable returns. Returns Gregory Aziz was able to capitalize on by expanding the business on a global scale. Aziz left the business and spent a few years in the finance realm. In 1994 he purchased National Steel Car and the rest has been history.


James Aziz is a firm advocate of the workforce, and dedicates his attention to the them above all else. He believes a good quality product is born of the workplace quality around it. This is why he strives to make his employees as happy as possible. Something he does well apparently as National Steel Car has an ongoing waiting list for applications. Gregory Aziz provides generous incentives, high pay, wonderful benefits, and an open environment for his workforce. He listens to their needs, trusts in their instincts, and supports their innovations. The quality of their environment shows itself in their work, as NSC is a regular recipient of quality awards.


Aziz stated that the boost in jobs the contract will provide will benefit the surrounding economy. CN is purchasing 1,000 new grain hopper cars which they will receive over the course of two years. This contact is the first of two, the second being an ongoing order for 350 center beam lumber cars. One of the first things Aziz did upon taking over National Steel Car was to up its annual output. In the first five years he increased workforce and output exponentially which continues to pay off today.


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CEO Of NICE Global, Paul Herdsman, Shares His Tips For Entrepreneurial Success

Paul Herdsman is one the co- founders of NICE Global. He shares helpful tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur. Located in Jamaica, ICE Global provides full service business solutions to companies globally.


NICE Global’s services have been proven to improve customer retention, lower overhead costs, and increase overall revenue. To do the job effectively, NICE Global tries to make sure that their employees are happy in the workplace. Also giving them the tools to improve themselves personally and professionally. See Related Link for additional information.


Here are some things that Paul Herdsman has learned during his journey to becoming his own boss.


Tips For Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur:


  • Attitude

Paul Herdsman believes in having a positive attitude when you approach things you want to accomplish. Studies have shown that positive thinking people are better problem solvers, more resilient and have more energy. Being grateful about things in life is one practice that can help you see things more positively and to release negative thoughts and energy.


  • Find a Mentor

Paul Herdsman believes, mentors can give you advice and an outside perspective to your decisions. When seeking a mentor look for a person who does the same thing you do. Look for a trustworthy person who you respect and will listen to your ideas.


  • Have the Right Associates Around You

The old saying” You can’t do everything alone” is true. Surround yourself with people that will help you towards your success. Who you spend your time with is who you become. Remember, you can improve someone’s skills, but you can’t change their values. When building a team look for good qualities, such as their character and goals.


  • Do What Interests You

Managing a business requires a lot of your time and energy. Do something that you are passionate and care about. That will allow you to put in the extra time and effort to get things done.


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How Gregory Aziz Purchased National Steel Car

The innovation and leadership ability of Gregory Aziz has led to the great recognition of the National Steel Car Company in the international car manufacturing industry. This achievement has not just happened overnight; it has been a process of incorporating several aspects of management and innovation to ensure that the organization rise to the heights it stands today. When Greg Aziz purchased National Steel Car in 1994 from Dofasco, who was a Canadian, the company was at its lowest amid the failed leadership that had been in place before then. The company used to manufacture less than 3000 new cars per year. However, James Aziz still believed that with the right management and skill, National Steel car would return to the magnificent car manufacturer that it had been.


After the purchase, Greg Aziz invested heavily in the recruitment of professional engineers with the aim of enhancing the engineering capabilities of the organization. He also ensured that he provided a conducive environment for the workers to enhance and sharpen their innovative skills which also boosted the level of innovation in the firm.


Team building was also another strategy that Greg Aziz used to improve the welfare of the organization. This kept the employees of the company motivated and maintained the high spirit of the production. These aspects helped to improve the production capacity of National Steel Car from a meager 3000 to a whopping 12000 cars per year within the five years that followed the purchase.


All these skills that Greg James applied in the growth of National Steel Car were not inherent or inborn. They were all acquired through the hard work that he had demonstrated throughout his life, starting from his education to the former career life. To begin with his education, Gregory started his elementary school in London, Ontario where he was born. He then enrolled for an undergraduate program at the University of Western Ontario where he graduated with a First-Class Honors Degree in economics. Go To This Page for additional information.


Before joining employment, James Aziz first worked in his family fresh foods business which had been started in 1971. He grew the wholesale business into a mega business that could import fresh foods from as far as Europe and South America and then distributed them to the whole of the United States. Gregory was then employed in various banks where he got the chance to harness the money which he could later use to purchase the National Steel Car from its then Canadian owner, Dofasco.