CEO Of NICE Global, Paul Herdsman, Shares His Tips For Entrepreneurial Success

Paul Herdsman is one the co- founders of NICE Global. He shares helpful tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur. Located in Jamaica, ICE Global provides full service business solutions to companies globally.


NICE Global’s services have been proven to improve customer retention, lower overhead costs, and increase overall revenue. To do the job effectively, NICE Global tries to make sure that their employees are happy in the workplace. Also giving them the tools to improve themselves personally and professionally. See Related Link for additional information.


Here are some things that Paul Herdsman has learned during his journey to becoming his own boss.


Tips For Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur:


  • Attitude

Paul Herdsman believes in having a positive attitude when you approach things you want to accomplish. Studies have shown that positive thinking people are better problem solvers, more resilient and have more energy. Being grateful about things in life is one practice that can help you see things more positively and to release negative thoughts and energy.


  • Find a Mentor

Paul Herdsman believes, mentors can give you advice and an outside perspective to your decisions. When seeking a mentor look for a person who does the same thing you do. Look for a trustworthy person who you respect and will listen to your ideas.


  • Have the Right Associates Around You

The old saying” You can’t do everything alone” is true. Surround yourself with people that will help you towards your success. Who you spend your time with is who you become. Remember, you can improve someone’s skills, but you can’t change their values. When building a team look for good qualities, such as their character and goals.


  • Do What Interests You

Managing a business requires a lot of your time and energy. Do something that you are passionate and care about. That will allow you to put in the extra time and effort to get things done.


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Jeff Herman Relays the News in Facebook’s Latest Stock Release

July 26, 2018, Jeff Herman has the latest in social media statistics the day they are made public, and the way he sees it, not even the so-called smart money, found in hedge funds, didn’t predict any of it happening either.


Jeff Herman is a trial lawyer who supports victims of rape and any other form sexual abuse. He is the founder of Herman Law and is currently the Firm’s Managing Partner. Jeff Herman is dedicated to his work in helping victims find justice. In his firm, Jeff Herman has created an analytical unit that assists him to break down his cases to either facts or theory.


As of the July 26th, the Facebook news is out, but up for grabs; it could easily swing back in the other direction.


Most of the public has already heard about the recent quarterly results from Facebook with earnings that plummeted during after-hours trading. This decrease also included the less expensive followers, Twitter and Snap, that reported their revenues down to 3.5 and 3.4 percent respectively. The trend continued until Facebook’s equity settled at an 18 percent decrease, and of course, this was attributed to the information leak disclosed earlier in the year.


It has been common knowledge that much of the social media corporate protocols allow their companies to operate in margins of 40-50 percent, and Facebook is no different. Facebook showed its Q1’18 operating margin at 46 percent, and their last quarter reported an operating margin of 44 percent. In the near future, Facebook predicts lowering even that number down to the mid-30s, and it appears it will be necessary if stock quotes continue to drop.


The five top tech companies were recently valued at over $4 trillion, and they have majorly contributed to maintaining the earnings results and public images. The disastrous earnings that were reported from Facebook last month, along with the declining Netflix, have broken through the veil that the five tech companies upheld, and the truth is leaking out.


One concept attributes the rising cause of this to the costs of running a social media company, which also leads to startups expecting higher content costs. Startups are forced to try different approaches to achieve the growth that they previously had while no one favors the idea of maintaining slower growth patterns as an alternative.


To date, Facebook is still the leading entity, and since they have worked through most of the familiar issues, Facebook’s lessons are the one used by less-profitable social media companies to progress.


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How Gregory Aziz Purchased National Steel Car

The innovation and leadership ability of Gregory Aziz has led to the great recognition of the National Steel Car Company in the international car manufacturing industry. This achievement has not just happened overnight; it has been a process of incorporating several aspects of management and innovation to ensure that the organization rise to the heights it stands today. When Greg Aziz purchased National Steel Car in 1994 from Dofasco, who was a Canadian, the company was at its lowest amid the failed leadership that had been in place before then. The company used to manufacture less than 3000 new cars per year. However, James Aziz still believed that with the right management and skill, National Steel car would return to the magnificent car manufacturer that it had been.


After the purchase, Greg Aziz invested heavily in the recruitment of professional engineers with the aim of enhancing the engineering capabilities of the organization. He also ensured that he provided a conducive environment for the workers to enhance and sharpen their innovative skills which also boosted the level of innovation in the firm.


Team building was also another strategy that Greg Aziz used to improve the welfare of the organization. This kept the employees of the company motivated and maintained the high spirit of the production. These aspects helped to improve the production capacity of National Steel Car from a meager 3000 to a whopping 12000 cars per year within the five years that followed the purchase.


All these skills that Greg James applied in the growth of National Steel Car were not inherent or inborn. They were all acquired through the hard work that he had demonstrated throughout his life, starting from his education to the former career life. To begin with his education, Gregory started his elementary school in London, Ontario where he was born. He then enrolled for an undergraduate program at the University of Western Ontario where he graduated with a First-Class Honors Degree in economics. Go To This Page for additional information.


Before joining employment, James Aziz first worked in his family fresh foods business which had been started in 1971. He grew the wholesale business into a mega business that could import fresh foods from as far as Europe and South America and then distributed them to the whole of the United States. Gregory was then employed in various banks where he got the chance to harness the money which he could later use to purchase the National Steel Car from its then Canadian owner, Dofasco.


Roseann Bennett, LFMT, Discusses Why Telemedicine Can’t Replace In-Person Therapy

Therapist Roseann Bennett, LFMT, opened the Center for Treatment and Assessment a decade ago along with her partner, Dr. Todd Bennett. This is a nonprofit organization that offers mental health services to anyone in the community regardless of what their health insurance plan is or their ability to pay. Beyond earning both her MA and Ed.S. in mental health she also has been certified with post master’s certifications. These are in cognitive behavior therapy, clinical trauma professional, and child and adolescent trauma professional.


Over the past few years Bennett has seen the rise of telemedicine. Telemedicine is technology that allows people to seek help through emailing, texting, or using an app to contact a healthcare professional. She says that while there can be benefits to telemedicine it does have complications and so really can’t replace live face-to-face communication with a licensed therapist like she is.


Roseann Bennett says there are some positives to telemedicine. The first one is the convenience factor. You don’t have to make an appointment and carve a chunk of time out of your busy life. She says it can also be a low-cost option because a virtual therapist visit is less expensive than meeting one live. She says people in rural areas also don’t have to travel to a city where mental health services are available. Click Here for more information about Bennett.


However, there are cons. The first one Roseann Bennett mentions is the lack of privacy as data breaches are a regular occurrence. She also says a therapist can come to the wrong conclusion when meeting a patient only virtually, not picking up on what the real issues are.


Roseann Bennett also points out that those who have severe mental disorders must be seen in-person. Telemedicine can at best be a supplement to this but can never substitute quality in-person care, a point that online mental health providers completely agree with.


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The Type of Employee That Robert Deignan Values

One thing Robert Deignan has learned over his years of being a business owner is that there are certain types of employees that are best for business. Then there are the types of employees that are going to cause a lot of problems. He has admitted that he has made some wrong choices when it comes to hiring people. The truth is that there are many different types of employees that come to work for a company. Different types of employees are appreciated at different types of companies. In Robert Deignan’s case, he likes the employee that is going to work very hard and keep the interest of the company in his mind.


The type of employee that is very beneficial to the company that Robert Deignan is running is the employee who is going to put in every bit of effort in making sure that his part in the company is done. He has a great work ethic which includes showing up on time and getting as much of the task done as possible. He is also willing to put in a bit of extra time in the case that there is something that needs to be done that may take him beyond his time at work.


The type of employees that have caused problems with Robert Deignan are those that walk around with an air of superiority. They are also the ones who are not respectful of time. Then there are those that bark orders at people with no willingness to do their own work. One thing that this does is cause the culture to be a little bit uncomfortable. Robert Deignan addresses the problem by having the problem employee removed. If the problem persists, this can result in some of the people that are good for the culture leaving the company.

Penelope Kokkinides, a Driving Force Towards the Achievement of Healthcare Institutions

Penelope Kokkinides is among the most prosperous and well-known figures in the United States of America. Her educational background speaks out why she stands where she is and has hit the top of the headlines. Her drive started when she achieved an undergraduate degree from Binghamton University in Biological Science and classical languages.


Later on, she went on and graduated from New York University with a Master’s Degree in Social Work followed by a subsequent Master’s Degree in Public Health at the Colombia University. Her contributions to the achievements of a myriad of health institutions are evident from her expertise and experience.


She is now the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health. Penelope specializes in government programs and also the managed care industry. She has the expertise and very knowledgeable in growing clinical packages and handling health care operations and processes with the aim of growing productivity and structural infrastructure. She also has the task of developing and implementing healthcare models. More so, she is also a board member of Fundacion Dorada, an organization that specializes in social work and Brooklyn Tech Alumni Foundation, Inc.


Before joining the leadership at InnovaCare Health, Penelope held the position of Corporate Vice President, at AmeriChoice, for Care Management and Disease Management. AmeriChioce is a subordinate of the United Health Group Company. She has also offered advanced strategic planning around growing needed infrastructures within managed Healthcare systems and building economical business models for health institutions.


In the wake of this year, Penelope Kokkinides met with President of the US at the white house. The meeting was attended by eight professionals in the healthcare industry composing of nurses, doctors, executives including other professionals in the industry. Also in attendance were those representing the Centre for Medical and Medicaid Services (CMS).


Penelope delivered to those attending the meeting vital information related to the Di-medical Advantage Plans which Innovacare Health arranges for in Puerto Rico. Above half, a million members of the plan are served by InnovaCare through OMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. Since the year 2011, major revisions to the budget proposed by the CMS have been successful on the government funding in Puerto Rico alone translating to above $1 billion to date. Penelope gave evidence of ways in which the CMS could indeed affect Puerto Rico’s health care system by reviewing the budget inside the Medicare Advantage Plan.


As a result of this meeting and the discussions, resolutions for InnovaCare and its affiliates have become positive, taking the initiative.



How Lawrence Bender Produced The Masterpiece “Pulp Fiction”

It is not often that a producer gets to change Hollywood with just one film. Well, one producer has been able to rock cinema for over three decades. But it was his 1993 hit that people still talk about today. That producer, Lawrence Bender, has been challenging the conventions of the movie business ever since his days as Quentin Tarantino’s right-hand man.

Mr. Bender’s story starts in the 1980s when the young producer was looking to make a name for himself. It wasn’t easy. Bender spent years toiling as a production assistant and later as a producer of straight to video slasher films. It wasn’t until 1990 that Lawrence Bander had a chance to show Hollywood what he could do.

It was a fateful meeting with another ambitious young man that kicked Bender’s career into high gear. That young man was none-other than Quentin Tarantino. While chatting each other up, Tarantino pitched the idea of a heist movie. Bender, seeing the gem in the idea, encouraged Tarantino to write up the screenplay. The result was the arthouse hit “Reservoir Dogs” which is considered a shocking piece of masterful art house cinema.

After the success of the first film, the duo decided to swing for the fences and make a movie that would raise the bar of filmmaking. The result was “Pulp Fiction,” now considered one of the greatest films of all time. The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival where it would go on to win the top prize. Starring Samuel Jackson, John Travolta,    and Bruce Willis, the film “Pulp Fiction” is still adored as the peak of independent cinema. Produced by Bender for just $8 million dollars, the film went on to gross over $100 million in the domestic box office. Lawrence Bender would go on to earn the first of three Academy Award nominations.

Born in the Bronx, in 1962, Lawrence Bender has been producing in Hollywood for over three decades. In that time, Bender has produced almost 60 projects from big Hollywood films like “Good Will Hunting” to the Academy Award-winning documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.” As he enters his next decade of film production, Lawrence Bender looks to raise the bar and challenge the conventions of filmmaking.

Shervin Pishevar says U.S. needs to make tough choices, cut fat

Shervin Pishevar is one of the most successful venture capitalists in the United States today. After having founded some of the most impressive companies in the tech sector, including Ionside, WebOS and Social Gaming Network, Shervin Pishevar went on to diversify into running his own investment fund. Known as Sherpa Capital, the organization has funded the initial growth of companies ranging from Uber to Virgin Hyperloop.

On his spare time, Shervin Pishevar also runs one of the most-followed Twitter feeds of anyone in the tech sector. With more than 100,000 followers, Shervin Pishevar has the attention of some of the most important figures in tech and business. Recently, he engaged in a nearly 24-hour tweet storm in which he explained his positions on a wide range of topics.

A major theme that coursed through the talking points in all of the tweets is Pishevar’s view that the United States in becoming less competitive across virtually every realm. He says that the country, as a whole, is going to eventually face a reckoning. It will either need to start trimming fat, doing away with its massive entitlement spending and, more broadly, the general sense of entitlement that is seemingly felt by so many of its citizens, particularly those who are not productive members of the private sector. Pishevar says that the United States has been enabling entire sectors to continue that would quickly collapse were they subjected to market forces.

And far from pointing the finger at disadvantaged and poor groups, Pishevar says that one of the biggest problems is the idle rich. Pishevar points to the medical industry in the United States, which currently consumes more than five times what it did in the 1970s as a percentage of GDP. He says that most of the increase in costs is effectively due to monopoly rents. This, he says, is completely unsustainable. The continued siphoning of productive capital into the pockets of monopolists and rent seekers, says Pishevar, could eventually cause the entire unstable edifice of the U.S. economy to collapse on itself. He hopes that a more orderly means of resetting the economy can be found.

Is Wes Edens’ Milwaukee Bucks Ready for the NBA Playoffs?

It’s NBA Playoff Time! For some, this is when the professional basketball season really starts. Is Wes Edens’ Milwaukee Bucks ready for the NBA Playoffs?

2017 – 2018 NBA Playoff Teams

Who is going to win the NBA Championship for 2017 – 2018? Some seem to think that only two teams have a chance – Golden State and Cleveland. Of course, they have swept the last couple of years. But, they can’t win all the championships, can they? The NBA Playoffs are particularly exciting because they match old and new powers. The NBA continues to rise in popularity. The Milwaukee Bucks are in the Eastern Conference. The first round series for the Eastern Conference Playoffs are as follows:

 #1 Toronto v. #8 Washington

#2 Boston v. #7 Milwaukee

#3 Philadelphia v. #6 Miami

#4 Cleveland v. #5 Indiana

The Milwaukee Bucks fans are excited because they are back in the playoffs. Unfortunately, there is stiff competition. Toronto, Cleveland and Boston are the top teams. Philadelphia has made a run out of nowhere.

 Milwaukee Bucks 2017 – 2018 Season

The Milwaukee Bucks had a good 2017-2018 season going 44-38. This allowed them to finish 3rd in the Central Division behind Cleveland and Indiana. Of course, Cleveland is the team to beat.The good news is that the Eastern Conference seems more open than the Western Conference. It seems like there is a dramatic fall off from Cleveland to the next contenders. Cleveland did not even have a very strong season in 2017-2018 by historical standards.Cleveland had a lot of turmoil. They even had a massive trade to reinvigorate their players near mid-season. Some even hint that Lebron James might leave because he does not think the franchise is surrounding him with good talent.

How Does the Future Look for Bucks?

Wes Edens has already got his Milwaukee Bucks into the playoffs. Now, he needs to be consistent and get them there season after season. Fortunately, the Wes Edens’ Bucks don’t have to worry about as many egos as the other teams do.The new stadium should encourage more fans. It takes time for any NBA franchise to rise. The Bucks might be one of the new Eastern Conference powers. Thankfully, co-owner Wes Edens seems to have the Milwaukee Bucks on the right path.

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Meet Brazilian Best Rally Driver: Rodrigo Terpins

We are taught the importance of valuable relationships in our life. It is said that we become like the closest people we spend time with; thus the adage ‘tell me your friends I tell you your character.’ This has been evident in the Terpins family. Jack Terpins, is a known basketball player. His success in the game has gained him respect in the community. His sons are closely following his footsteps. Jack Terpins has been a great role model to Rodrigo Terpins.

Rodrigo Terpins is currently the best rally driver in Brazil. Through his success in rally driving, Brazil is now internationally recognized in rally driving. His success has been a result of the determination, hard work, and commitment in his career.

Rally driving is challenging, and one needs a lot to be successful. Many people view the game as risky and dangerous. There are terrible terrains that one has to conquer during the race. Rodrigo Terpins does not give up, and this is why he has gained popularity and the big number of fans. Rodrigo always finds a way to conquer.

The other thing that is learned from rally driving beside enduring difficulties is cooperation. Every rally driver has a co-driver. The two drivers need to work together to navigate through the hard terrains. Without teamwork, no success can be achieved. Check out for more

Rodrigo Terpins has inspired his younger brother, Michel Terpins, who has joined the rally driving sports and is doing equally amazing. The two have completed a few races together and come out victorious. They have plans of engaging in more races together.

The two brothers improve their performance in every race that they participate. They have been continuously practicing, and they are confident they will do better in the next competition.

Rodrigo Terpins values the input of his fans in his career. To interact with them, he has created social media pages. He posts the events that he is set to attend and the games he will be participating in for the fans to stay updated. He also inspires them by posting the interviews he has attended. Rodrigo Terpins is contented with his progress in his career and appreciates the support he gets.

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