How Gregory Aziz Purchased National Steel Car

The innovation and leadership ability of Gregory Aziz has led to the great recognition of the National Steel Car Company in the international car manufacturing industry. This achievement has not just happened overnight; it has been a process of incorporating several aspects of management and innovation to ensure that the organization rise to the heights it stands today. When Greg Aziz purchased National Steel Car in 1994 from Dofasco, who was a Canadian, the company was at its lowest amid the failed leadership that had been in place before then. The company used to manufacture less than 3000 new cars per year. However, James Aziz still believed that with the right management and skill, National Steel car would return to the magnificent car manufacturer that it had been.


After the purchase, Greg Aziz invested heavily in the recruitment of professional engineers with the aim of enhancing the engineering capabilities of the organization. He also ensured that he provided a conducive environment for the workers to enhance and sharpen their innovative skills which also boosted the level of innovation in the firm.


Team building was also another strategy that Greg Aziz used to improve the welfare of the organization. This kept the employees of the company motivated and maintained the high spirit of the production. These aspects helped to improve the production capacity of National Steel Car from a meager 3000 to a whopping 12000 cars per year within the five years that followed the purchase.


All these skills that Greg James applied in the growth of National Steel Car were not inherent or inborn. They were all acquired through the hard work that he had demonstrated throughout his life, starting from his education to the former career life. To begin with his education, Gregory started his elementary school in London, Ontario where he was born. He then enrolled for an undergraduate program at the University of Western Ontario where he graduated with a First-Class Honors Degree in economics. Go To This Page for additional information.


Before joining employment, James Aziz first worked in his family fresh foods business which had been started in 1971. He grew the wholesale business into a mega business that could import fresh foods from as far as Europe and South America and then distributed them to the whole of the United States. Gregory was then employed in various banks where he got the chance to harness the money which he could later use to purchase the National Steel Car from its then Canadian owner, Dofasco.


Roseann Bennett, LFMT, Discusses Why Telemedicine Can’t Replace In-Person Therapy

Therapist Roseann Bennett, LFMT, opened the Center for Treatment and Assessment a decade ago along with her partner, Dr. Todd Bennett. This is a nonprofit organization that offers mental health services to anyone in the community regardless of what their health insurance plan is or their ability to pay. Beyond earning both her MA and Ed.S. in mental health she also has been certified with post master’s certifications. These are in cognitive behavior therapy, clinical trauma professional, and child and adolescent trauma professional.


Over the past few years Bennett has seen the rise of telemedicine. Telemedicine is technology that allows people to seek help through emailing, texting, or using an app to contact a healthcare professional. She says that while there can be benefits to telemedicine it does have complications and so really can’t replace live face-to-face communication with a licensed therapist like she is.


Roseann Bennett says there are some positives to telemedicine. The first one is the convenience factor. You don’t have to make an appointment and carve a chunk of time out of your busy life. She says it can also be a low-cost option because a virtual therapist visit is less expensive than meeting one live. She says people in rural areas also don’t have to travel to a city where mental health services are available. Click Here for more information about Bennett.


However, there are cons. The first one Roseann Bennett mentions is the lack of privacy as data breaches are a regular occurrence. She also says a therapist can come to the wrong conclusion when meeting a patient only virtually, not picking up on what the real issues are.


Roseann Bennett also points out that those who have severe mental disorders must be seen in-person. Telemedicine can at best be a supplement to this but can never substitute quality in-person care, a point that online mental health providers completely agree with.


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The Type of Employee That Robert Deignan Values

One thing Robert Deignan has learned over his years of being a business owner is that there are certain types of employees that are best for business. Then there are the types of employees that are going to cause a lot of problems. He has admitted that he has made some wrong choices when it comes to hiring people. The truth is that there are many different types of employees that come to work for a company. Different types of employees are appreciated at different types of companies. In Robert Deignan’s case, he likes the employee that is going to work very hard and keep the interest of the company in his mind.


The type of employee that is very beneficial to the company that Robert Deignan is running is the employee who is going to put in every bit of effort in making sure that his part in the company is done. He has a great work ethic which includes showing up on time and getting as much of the task done as possible. He is also willing to put in a bit of extra time in the case that there is something that needs to be done that may take him beyond his time at work.


The type of employees that have caused problems with Robert Deignan are those that walk around with an air of superiority. They are also the ones who are not respectful of time. Then there are those that bark orders at people with no willingness to do their own work. One thing that this does is cause the culture to be a little bit uncomfortable. Robert Deignan addresses the problem by having the problem employee removed. If the problem persists, this can result in some of the people that are good for the culture leaving the company.