Securus Secures The Most Secure Places

Securus Technologies is a great example of the newest philosophy sweeping through the corporate world. This philosophy is known as social entrepreneurship and customers say it is a game changer. Corporations have always known a good product makes profits. However, as our culture moves to being more global, the mindset of the customer is that businesses should focus on ending evil on a global scale. Corporations who believe in social entrepreneurship tailor their products to stamping out misdeeds.


Securus Technologies has devoted their business to reducing inmate on inmate crime. At first, that may not seem like such a bad thing until you realize that inmate on inmate crime makes up the majority of inmate deaths in correctional facilities.


Securus Technologies decided the best way to reduce inmate on inmate crime was to focus on eliminating contraband cell phones. Contraband cell phones are used by inmates to coordinate attacks with other inmates through texting, calling, or social media.

Securus Technologies took this problem seriously. They have invested well over $600 million to produce products that will decrease these needless deaths.


One product that came out of this research and development was “Cell Defenders” which they partnered with Harris Corporation to make. Customers love this product because it scans and locates cell phones hidden throughout correctional facilities.


Securus Technologies would also begin developing products that customers could use to tap into contraband cell phones. Once tapped in, customers could listen to current calls, retrieve past calls, read current text messages, and browse through deleted messages.


Perhaps Securus Technologies’ greatest innovation was “Wireless Containment Solutions”. This product interferes with a cell phone’s ability to connect to Wifi. This was critical because phones no longer require a plan to connect to the internet. Inmates were using social media to plan their ambushes.