Jim Larkin: Irish Folk Hero and Labor Organizer

As an activist, folk hero, and Irish labor organizer, Jim Larkin, founder of the Irish Transport General Workers’ Union, was a man of conviction and high moral standards who was determined to see Irish people win the right to fair employment. He was born on January 21, 1876, in Liverpool, England, and grew up in the poorer parts of Liverpool.

\With not much formal education, Jim helped his family out by working different jobs when he was younger and before long became a foreman at the Liverpool docks. After this time he committed himself to the sole purpose of seeing workers get treated fairly.

In 1905 Jim Larkin became a trade union organizer with the National Union of Dock Labourers (NUDL) and later formed the Irish Labour Party. In 1907 he started up the General Workers’ union and the Irish Transport and worked hard to convince all industrial workers to join into one single union.

Eventually he put together a strike for the city of Belfast’s dock workers and was able to unite Protestants and Catholics alike to join in the same cause; something that rarely happened at that time in history. The local Royal Irish Constabulary even took part in the strike, but in the end, the strike didn’t succeed in getting what the workers needed.

In 1910 Jim was persecuted and convicted of embezzling funds from the NUDL in order to give them to Cork workers who were in a labor dispute. Learn more about Jim Larkin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8QqK8YbbaI and http://spartacus-educational.com/IRElarkin.htm

He was sentenced to a year in prison, and because many people considered it an unjust ruling, Lord Aberdeen pardoned him after he served only three months of his sentence.

In 1913 Jim Larkin took the Irish Labour Party to its heights by leading many different strikes. Part of these conflicts included the amazing war of 404 employers versus more than 20,000 workers, which brought Jim international recognition and put a spotlight on the plight of the workers there.

Jim also lead the Dublin Lockout, which included 100,000 workers going on strike for almost eight straight months. These strikes eventually won them the fair employment rights they were looking for.

After his work in Ireland, Jim Larkin moved on to the United States for some time and became a socialist speaker, activist, and member of the Socialist Party of America who was involved with workers rights. He later moved back to Ireland where he continued to support community workers rights efforts.


Todd Lubar Talks About Smart Home Technologies

Across the globe, innovations are considered to be the drivers of the economy. According to Todd Lubar, inventions of savvy entrepreneurs results in immense changes. Today, developing countries are catching up with developed nations owing to creativity and entrepreneurship. However, when nearly all competitive industries are embracing innovation, the real estate markets have been slow to adopt new methods. The presence of shrewd investors such as Todd Lubar has helped in incorporating innovative ideas in the real estate industry.

Smart home technology has been gaining traction in the real estate industry. Through this technology, home-owners are able to have more control over their homes from anyplace around the globe. Notably, the idea of smart homes came into existence with the introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT). Through IoT, products that depend on the web are able to communicate with different devices. Owners of smart homes use control center devices to regulate all the features within their homes. According to geeksnews.co.uk, in the past, houses were developed without considering the needs of disabled consumers. In the 20th century, governments focused on correcting this failure by building structures that facilitating disabled persons to access such structures. Recent innovations in the market may see some of these regulations become obsolete. This is because smart home technologies enables the people living with disability to interact with such buildings safely.

Smart home technologies enable individuals to operate cooking appliances, locks and speakers remotely. In addition, virtual assistants allow people to control their homes easily. Many residential and commercial builders are slowly recognizing the benefits of smart home technologies. For instance, in Seattle, Quadrant homes will be required to have smart technologies in all home packages, including automated window shades, digital locks, security features and keypad interfaces. The popularity of smart homes is anchored on reduced costs and growing media attention.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is an alumnus of Syracuse University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in speech communication. He is the president of TDL Global Ventures. In addition, Lubar serves as the senior vice president of Legendary Investments. The shrewd entrepreneur has rendered his services in the real estate industry for more than two decades.

Lubar recommends that the community should read, “The Magic of Thinking Big,” an inspiring book written by David Schwartz. Todd posits that the book encourages people to think big. In addition, the executive contends that individuals should surround themselves with individuals who challenge them to grow personally and professionally.


End Citizens United Leading the Change and Reform Agenda in Election Campaigns

In 2105, End Citizens United is committed to countering the effects of Citizens United and reforming the campaign finance system of the United States. It was formed as a direct reaction to the 2010 Supreme Court Ruling, backed wholly by Citizens United, which created a loophole for huge corporations and individual billionaires to make huge untraceable financial contributions to election campaigns. This would allow such companies and individuals to manipulate the political leadership of the country in their favor. End Citizens United seeks to push back on these disastrous policies by financing leadership of proven integrity who would champion reform.


In line with End Citizens United’s mission, they have maintained their position on the frontline in the fight for reform since their inception in 2015. In just two years, the organization has been responsible for many campaigns and has financed may change committed politicians, especially from the Democratic Party, to ensure that they have as much control over their reform agenda as possible. Politico reported on July 18th, 2017 that End Citizens United, along with other lobby groups such as Every Choice, Daily Kos, and Common Cause had raised more than 300,000 petitions. This was to compel the Department of Justice (DOJ) to initiate investigations into the apparent interference of Russia in the just concluded American elections. The petition was launched after emails belonging to Donald Trump Jr. were made public and raising the signatures did not take too long. The emails indicated that Mr. Trump, who is the son of the American president Donald Trump, may have held meetings with Russian lawyers during the campaign period. The groups consider this to be highly inappropriate and deserving of an investigation and possible conviction should any individuals or parties be found guilty of collusion with Russia, an adversary of America.


End Citizens United is funded by grassroots donors and individual citizens of goodwill. On April 4th, 2017, USA Today reported that the organization had raised more than $4 million in the first quarter of the year. It also hoped to raise an approximated $35 million by 2018, just in time for the midterm elections for the Congress. That would account for a $25 million increase from the amount they had raised last year for the presidential election. USA Today wrote that End Citizens United aims to push out big money from election campaigns by raising big money of its own. This would ensure that compromised politicians would not have the upper hand over certain individuals who aim at pushing reform and producing a real positive change in the country’s leadership on account of having massive financial arsenal provided by the huge corporation, who are mostly driven by selfish interests. Raising such a huge amount of money would ensure that the organization achieves its goal.

Equities First Holdings’ Unique and Successful Financial Solutions

Equities First Holdings (EFH) provides a variety of financial solution, margin loans, and shareholder financing services to people and businesses. The company was established in 2012 and over the years it has made strategic partnerships with international law firms, custodian banks, and investment banks. EFH was formerly called Meridian Equity Partners Limited. Equities acquired Meridian in a transaction that was led by Chris Harrison and William Yonge. The acquisition saw EFH get offices in Asia, Australia, United States and Europe thus becoming a global company. The company is based in London, and it has so far expanded and has a growing number of clients. This has led to the opening of new offices in Australia, China and United States of America. Some of the offices have become independent and followed in the footsteps of the UK office.


Since the establishment of the UK office in 2013, the company has provided many investors with shareholder loans. Mr Joel Leonoff of Paysafe Group PLC is one such investor who has been able to return all shares used as collateral. It has several ongoing credit transaction and agreements with investors like Andrew Newland of Angle PLC. Al Christy Jr is satisfied with the progress of Equities First Holdings. As the CEO of the company, Christy has played a significant role in the success of the enterprise. The company adheres to regulations of Financial Conduct Authority of United Kingdom.


The company works with high-net worth individuals and businesses which look for non-purpose capital. EFH provides funding at a lower cost of capital and better terms to its clients as compared to the tradition financial alternatives. The global financial company specializes in capital allocation, alternative financial solutions, and unique financial services. EFH is a privately held company that tailors makes financial solutions depending on the clients’ needs. The loans that the company offers are based on the evaluation of treasuries, bonds and stock. The loan process is secure and transparent and Equities First Holdings lacrosse camp.


The loans are beneficial to individuals and business with low income and poor credit and who cannot qualify for traditional bank loans. Stock loans have a relatively lower interest rate compared to other kinds of loans. The borrower does not need to use the money for a specific purpose making it a sought after alternative and read full article.

Other Reference: https://geeksnews.co.uk/equities-first-holdings-remain-the-top-lender-of-stock-based-loans/

Karl Heideck Talks About New Law For Employers In Philadelphia

Karl Heideck Talks Employer law
Karl Heideck Talks Employer law

2017 was a big year for workers and laborers in Philadelphia. The city was one of the first to pas a new law stating that employers are not allowed to ask their employees the salaries at their previous places of work. This law only applies to employers in the private sector, and not to those working in governmental or political positions in the country. However, like any other new law to be introduced in the state, numerous hurdles came along the way. People belonging to the Chamber of Commerce in Philadelphia started coming forward, explaining the drawbacks that would take place as a result of this ruling.

According to the law, using independent sources to find out the salaries of the candidates who they wish to hire, without obtaining their consent would be prohibited and punishable under the law. According to soundcloud.com, directly asking candidates to share this information and implying that they would not be considered if they did not disclose this information is also one of the things that this law wants to prohibit. And finally, making it mandatory for people applying to jobs to disclose their information is also grounds for punishment under the law.

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One of the main reasons why people have come forward in protest of this law is because the effect it would have on people from the state who are seeking job prospects outside Philadelphia. The law only applies to those within the state, but the moment one goes out of the state to seek a job, they would not be able to refuse to disclose their information. This can also lead to companies trying to find a way to get third party sources to handle their recruitments to attain this information and make things easier for their recruitment purposes.

Karl Heideck is an attorney who is extremely well versed in the field of law. Karl Heideck has an incredible amount of experience in the field owing to the incredible number of clients that he has offered his services to through the course of his career. He also regularly writes articles that talk about the numerous intricacies of the law, and divulge into the different aspects of legal proceedings in the country.

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