Paul Mampilly’s Expedition to Help Main Street Americans Find Wealth

Paul Mampilly is a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, a company that is helping Americans obtain the autonomy of total wealth. He is a very influential person in the world of finance. As just a university graduate from Fordham University in 1991, Mampilly was appointed as an assistant portfolio manager for the bankers Trust. Since then, he has become proficient at the art of investing, skills which he used to build his career as an employee in various legal firms. In 2006, he was managing the hedge fund for Kinetics Asset Management, a firm valued at $6 billion. His skills and knowledge are what earned him a prestigious award through a competition that was held by the Templeton Foundation. The award came during the financial crisis that was felt between 2008 and 2009. This was indeed a great test of his capabilities in the industry.

Contrary to the expectations of many people, Paul Mampilly got fed up with working for large corporations. He decided to leave employment to work closely with people so as to share his skills and abilities with everyday people. This is exactly what he is doing today, through Banyan Hill Publishing. His main role is to help local people get the most out of their paychecks. In its quest to help people enjoy freedom of total wealth, Banyan Hill Publishing offers support and guidance to Americans for them to make their own financial decisions, grow their wealth with lower risks and eventually enjoy freedom form financial concerns that affect many people today. Paul Mampilly is today working with a team of experts to help Americans realize better ways to protect and grow their wealth.

The company gives anyone interested in future financial freedom to tap into the minds of its valued experts and adopt in the same strategies they have used to grow and protect their own wealth. Providing expert advice about investing in the future through Banyan Hill Publishing is what Mampilly is popular for these days. He recently wrote an article about technologies of the future, particularly Internet of Things, encouraging investors to focus on it. As the technology advances, Mampilly feels that investors should not be left behind, because the new technology has all kinds of opportunities for future investors. Besides his publications, Paul Mampilly appears on television programs. He has also developed many newsletters, which include Profits Unlimited. Through these, he has been able to deliver very useful financial tips and similar information to future investors.

Sightsavers is Giving Much More Than Sight

Sightsavers is changing lives not only in India but in thirty countries. They have reached out to some of the very poorest areas of the world and are helping those who truly need it. Since 1966 when Sightsavers began working in India, they have been able to help countless people to prevent permanent blindness. Their work also includes education, and they are teaching residents there how to avoid eye infections that can lead to complete vision loss. They also perform surgeries to help restore eyesight, and they provide antibiotics to those who need it.


Sightsavers is helping people of all ages in India form ten-year-old Simpi who could not attend school because of her visual impairment to seventy-two-year-old Madhav who had cataracts. Madhav became legally blind because of his condition, and he could not afford the necessary treatment that he needed. Sightsavers got him the medical help that he needed and was able to set up a surgery appointment for him which saved his vision.


Sightsavers is doing much more than restoring the eyesight of people, but they are transforming their lives. Without eyesight, most people are very limited in what they can do, and they can be at a really great disadvantage.


Sometimes it is just not possible to restore vision, but Sightsavers does not give up. Instead, the organization will help those who are blind to be able to become self-sufficient. They do this by getting them the training that they need to live a happy and productive life that does not place a burden on loved ones. Sightsavers offers a blind school that teaches how to carry out basic and daily tasks and teaches newfound independence to its blind students.


Now, even if someone is blind, they are still able to earn an income and even support their family. Being blind is no longer a terrible burden that has no solution. If it were not for Sightsavers, many people would be in a very bad situation and would be depressed and even commit suicide since their futures seem very bleak. They are helping many through programs such as the Ganjam District Rehabilitation Project. Sightsavers instills hope in those who cannot see and gives them a newfound purpose.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Move Past Joe Arpaio; First Amendment Today Now Available In Their New Paper

Joe Arpaio, the notorious former Sheriff of Maricopa County, isn’t just known for his harsh stance against immigration. He is known for creating harsh prison conditions, a racist agenda, and as being one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

In fact, Trump repaid the favor last year when he pardoned Joe Arpaio of his crimes. Joe Arpaio had just been convicted of criminal contempt of court before Trump came to his save. Even today, many are called the pardoning of Joe Arpaio Trump’s biggest mistake. Joe Arpaio has abused his prisoners, racially profiled countless individuals, and attempted to silence the press, yet Donald Trump absolved him of any punishment.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two of Joe Arpaio’s victims. Their newspaper, the Phoenix New Times, was targeted by Arpaio when it began to publish content that Arpaio wanted kept secret. Information such as the nondisclosure of assets and inmate abuse were published in the Phoenix New Times

Providing the citizens of Arizona with information eventually lead to Lacey and Larkin’s arrest. Joe Arpaio, instead of coming himself, sent a special task force to the newspapermen’s homes. They were pulled from their houses in the middle of the night and transported to local jails. They were arrested for revealing the details of a subpoena in their newspaper.

Joe Arpaio finally thought he had his two literary rivals;however, when a judge declared nothing illegal had happened they were released. Years later, in civil court, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were given 3.75 million dollars.

They decided to put the money towards noble causes, creating The Frontera Fund. It is an organization that centers its activities around educating people about immigration. Whether it be future immigrants, current aliens, or citizens of the United States, information is available at The Frontera Fund’s web page.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are no longer the owners of the Phoenix New Times or any of their previous newspapers. However, they have created a new publication with similar topics. It is called Front Page Confidential. Recently, the new newspaper has been running an ongoing series called First Amendment Today, which discusses various issues that plague the first amendment.

Cassio Audi: The Unforgettable Musician

Cassio Audi hails from Sao Paulo Brazil. He started off as a music instrumentalist. He was the founding member of Brazilian band, Viper in 1985 where he stayed until 1989. The members of the band then included; Yves Passarell, Pit Passarell, Andre Machado, Felipe Machado and Cassio Audio himself. Their music genres include; heavy metal, thrash metal, power metal, and alternative rock.

Viper Band members were all Brazilian teenagers of 13-14 years. They were a highly talented team in both vocals and playing various instruments. They were influenced by the Iron Maiden and developing British heavy metal. Audio was good in playing drums who could have had a future music career had he wished to continue with the music. Their first demo album, The Killera Sword was recorded in 1985 whereby Cassio’s role was playing drums. The album included tracks such as Nightmare, Killera Princess from Hell and Signs of the Night.

The band’s official album, Soldiers of Sunrise, was recorded in 1987. The tracks in the album included Knights of Destruction, Signs of the Night, Nightmares and the title song Soldiers of Sunrise. It was then considered the greatest hits of Brazilian music industry. The album gained popularity in top world magazines such as Metal Forces, Kerrang and Metal Hammer. Due to such ratings, they sold over ten thousand copies.

Their second album, Theatre of Fate was released in 1989 and was released across Europe, USA and Asia and enabled the band top the charts beating other well-known groups such as Van Halen and Nirvana. The music was highly notable due to its classical music mix and the metal. Even though Cassio was not actively involved in its recording, he had opened the stage for its recording.

Cassio Audio left the Viper band in 1989. He joined University and decided to pursue a different career path altogether. Though his music career was a short one, he had a lot of impact in the music industry in Brazil. Cassio still loves music and always finds time to enjoy it.


Western Union Company is an American company based out of Meridian Colorado. At its inception, Western Union was known for exchanging telegrams and later came to be one of the market leaders of transferring money through various methods such as in-person, money orders, and business transactional payments. In recent years, Western Union has made several key acquisitions such as Custom House in 2009, and Angelo Costa, Finint s.r.l. and Travelex in 2011. Along with its many successes, Western Union has been the talk of some major negative press over the years. In 2015, the company was accused of money laundering and financing of terrorist groups. They have also been accused of helping the military with providing confidential information on other country’s enemy territories.


PSI-Pay has been in operation since 2007 and they are based out of West Sussex, United Kingdom. PSI-Pay offers payment solutions to businesses around the world. They are considered a payment processing company that is licensed to authorize financial transactions. Since 2009, they are the primary issuing member of MasterCard International and they are tasked to issue debit and prepaid payment cards. They have also partnered up with Visa doing the same type of issuance of cards as well.


In a recent July 2018 article, the merger between Western Union and PSI-Pay (ecoPayz) is discussed. ecoPayz online holders now have the ability to fund transactions using Western Union’s global network of retailers in the United Kingdom. This opens up opportunities for other online payment companies to utilize Western Union’s global network. This network includes up to 150 different countries and territories. ecoAccount holders have access to billions of bank accounts to either send or receive money transfers. Plans are underway to widen Western Union’s presence in the United Kingdom by integrating Western Union with the ecoPayz mobile app which will allow funds to be transferred globally. Per Jonathan Amrani, Operations Director of PSI-Pay, the ultimate goal for ecoPayz is to have global access around the world and to provide a basis “to grow and reach new customers”.


Sussex Healthcare Uses Opportunities For New Jobs

Sussex Healthcare knows the importance of offering jobs to people who need them. The company works to make sure they have job opportunities for people who want to make a difference in the field. They also know they can do things differently from other companies because of the influence they have on the elder community. There are many chances the company takes to make sure they can help people and that’s what allows them to continue giving everyone positive experiences. They know what people want and they aren’t afraid to show others what their employees will do to make things better for everyone. The company makes a point of always showing people what they can get from different situations and they give back no matter how hard they have to work. It’s important for Sussex Healthcare to continue showing people they can do all of this the right way.

As long as the company has been in business, they’ve been able to do things that will continue helping others with the issues they have. They focus on helping people who are in the later stages of life. As an elder care home, they believe they can show people what they need to get from different situations. They also believe they’re making the most out of everything that is a part of the industry standards they have. For the company to do things the right way, they have to make sure they’ve got good ideas for all their patients.

When Sussex Healthcare first started, there were things that made it difficult for the company to continue providing the level of care they were always thinking about doing. They knew they had to make some changes if they wanted to do things the right way. From that point on, they adjusted the strategies they felt comfortable using. By making these adjustments, it made more sense for the company to do things the right way. It also made everything easier for people who were a part of the industry. Now, when they hire employees, they make sure they have the same goals Sussex Healthcare focuses on.

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National Steel Cars Recent Success Is Testament Of Gregory Aziz’s Masterful Leadership


Canadian-based rolling stock maker National Steel Car has just entered into two lucrative contracts with Canadian National Railway. The contracts spell more full-time jobs for the Canadian workforce, and a lot more money for the long-standing rail stock builder. Not bad for a company that has been around since 1912. National Steel Car is the longest running rolling stock maker in Canada, and presently the biggest one as well. Its recent surge of success can be attributed to just one man. Current CEO and Chairman of the Board Gregory James Aziz.


Gregory James Aziz is an investor, businessman, top-level executive, and philanthropist who has made quite a name for himself. Many argue that Aziz is one of the most famous people around. An alumni of Western Ontario University, Aziz began his illustrious career with his parent’s business. His parents had managed wholesale food seller Affiliated Foods for decades before Aziz stepped in. His instincts and business savvy led the wholesaler to some of its most profitable returns. Returns Gregory Aziz was able to capitalize on by expanding the business on a global scale. Aziz left the business and spent a few years in the finance realm. In 1994 he purchased National Steel Car and the rest has been history.


James Aziz is a firm advocate of the workforce, and dedicates his attention to the them above all else. He believes a good quality product is born of the workplace quality around it. This is why he strives to make his employees as happy as possible. Something he does well apparently as National Steel Car has an ongoing waiting list for applications. Gregory Aziz provides generous incentives, high pay, wonderful benefits, and an open environment for his workforce. He listens to their needs, trusts in their instincts, and supports their innovations. The quality of their environment shows itself in their work, as NSC is a regular recipient of quality awards.


Aziz stated that the boost in jobs the contract will provide will benefit the surrounding economy. CN is purchasing 1,000 new grain hopper cars which they will receive over the course of two years. This contact is the first of two, the second being an ongoing order for 350 center beam lumber cars. One of the first things Aziz did upon taking over National Steel Car was to up its annual output. In the first five years he increased workforce and output exponentially which continues to pay off today.


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CEO Of NICE Global, Paul Herdsman, Shares His Tips For Entrepreneurial Success

Paul Herdsman is one the co- founders of NICE Global. He shares helpful tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur. Located in Jamaica, ICE Global provides full service business solutions to companies globally.


NICE Global’s services have been proven to improve customer retention, lower overhead costs, and increase overall revenue. To do the job effectively, NICE Global tries to make sure that their employees are happy in the workplace. Also giving them the tools to improve themselves personally and professionally. See Related Link for additional information.


Here are some things that Paul Herdsman has learned during his journey to becoming his own boss.


Tips For Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur:


  • Attitude

Paul Herdsman believes in having a positive attitude when you approach things you want to accomplish. Studies have shown that positive thinking people are better problem solvers, more resilient and have more energy. Being grateful about things in life is one practice that can help you see things more positively and to release negative thoughts and energy.


  • Find a Mentor

Paul Herdsman believes, mentors can give you advice and an outside perspective to your decisions. When seeking a mentor look for a person who does the same thing you do. Look for a trustworthy person who you respect and will listen to your ideas.


  • Have the Right Associates Around You

The old saying” You can’t do everything alone” is true. Surround yourself with people that will help you towards your success. Who you spend your time with is who you become. Remember, you can improve someone’s skills, but you can’t change their values. When building a team look for good qualities, such as their character and goals.


  • Do What Interests You

Managing a business requires a lot of your time and energy. Do something that you are passionate and care about. That will allow you to put in the extra time and effort to get things done.


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Jeff Herman Relays the News in Facebook’s Latest Stock Release

July 26, 2018, Jeff Herman has the latest in social media statistics the day they are made public, and the way he sees it, not even the so-called smart money, found in hedge funds, didn’t predict any of it happening either.


Jeff Herman is a trial lawyer who supports victims of rape and any other form sexual abuse. He is the founder of Herman Law and is currently the Firm’s Managing Partner. Jeff Herman is dedicated to his work in helping victims find justice. In his firm, Jeff Herman has created an analytical unit that assists him to break down his cases to either facts or theory.


As of the July 26th, the Facebook news is out, but up for grabs; it could easily swing back in the other direction.


Most of the public has already heard about the recent quarterly results from Facebook with earnings that plummeted during after-hours trading. This decrease also included the less expensive followers, Twitter and Snap, that reported their revenues down to 3.5 and 3.4 percent respectively. The trend continued until Facebook’s equity settled at an 18 percent decrease, and of course, this was attributed to the information leak disclosed earlier in the year.


It has been common knowledge that much of the social media corporate protocols allow their companies to operate in margins of 40-50 percent, and Facebook is no different. Facebook showed its Q1’18 operating margin at 46 percent, and their last quarter reported an operating margin of 44 percent. In the near future, Facebook predicts lowering even that number down to the mid-30s, and it appears it will be necessary if stock quotes continue to drop.


The five top tech companies were recently valued at over $4 trillion, and they have majorly contributed to maintaining the earnings results and public images. The disastrous earnings that were reported from Facebook last month, along with the declining Netflix, have broken through the veil that the five tech companies upheld, and the truth is leaking out.


One concept attributes the rising cause of this to the costs of running a social media company, which also leads to startups expecting higher content costs. Startups are forced to try different approaches to achieve the growth that they previously had while no one favors the idea of maintaining slower growth patterns as an alternative.


To date, Facebook is still the leading entity, and since they have worked through most of the familiar issues, Facebook’s lessons are the one used by less-profitable social media companies to progress.


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How Gregory Aziz Purchased National Steel Car

The innovation and leadership ability of Gregory Aziz has led to the great recognition of the National Steel Car Company in the international car manufacturing industry. This achievement has not just happened overnight; it has been a process of incorporating several aspects of management and innovation to ensure that the organization rise to the heights it stands today. When Greg Aziz purchased National Steel Car in 1994 from Dofasco, who was a Canadian, the company was at its lowest amid the failed leadership that had been in place before then. The company used to manufacture less than 3000 new cars per year. However, James Aziz still believed that with the right management and skill, National Steel car would return to the magnificent car manufacturer that it had been.


After the purchase, Greg Aziz invested heavily in the recruitment of professional engineers with the aim of enhancing the engineering capabilities of the organization. He also ensured that he provided a conducive environment for the workers to enhance and sharpen their innovative skills which also boosted the level of innovation in the firm.


Team building was also another strategy that Greg Aziz used to improve the welfare of the organization. This kept the employees of the company motivated and maintained the high spirit of the production. These aspects helped to improve the production capacity of National Steel Car from a meager 3000 to a whopping 12000 cars per year within the five years that followed the purchase.


All these skills that Greg James applied in the growth of National Steel Car were not inherent or inborn. They were all acquired through the hard work that he had demonstrated throughout his life, starting from his education to the former career life. To begin with his education, Gregory started his elementary school in London, Ontario where he was born. He then enrolled for an undergraduate program at the University of Western Ontario where he graduated with a First-Class Honors Degree in economics. Go To This Page for additional information.


Before joining employment, James Aziz first worked in his family fresh foods business which had been started in 1971. He grew the wholesale business into a mega business that could import fresh foods from as far as Europe and South America and then distributed them to the whole of the United States. Gregory was then employed in various banks where he got the chance to harness the money which he could later use to purchase the National Steel Car from its then Canadian owner, Dofasco.